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01 Jun: Trolling Panfish | In-Fisherman | By Cory Schmidt with Dennis Foster

I’ve been a fan of Patrick McManus’ witty word-smithing. Never sniff a gift fish, indeed. Or more to the point: Grab hold of unexpected gifts as they come, because, frankly, they come along darn seldom. Still, sometimes, it’s easy to take a boatload of bluegills for granted when you’d rather be hooking walleyes. This helps explain the situation that stirred an eventual realization: Trolling is an awfully potent way to catch panfish.

Walleye Crawlers

02 Jul: Creative Crawler Rigging

Crawlers and walleyes go together like cookies and milk, but rigging a worm right isn’t as intuitive as you might guess. What you’ve been doing with crawlers may be timeless and proven, maybe a spinner harness on a bottom bouncer or as part of a trolling spread. Or maybe you prefer nose-hooking a fat crawler behind a slipsinker and letting it dance across complex structure. How about a Slow Death Hook and half a crawler.

22 Oct: Retro Walleyes | In-Fisherman Ice Guide

BOLD IS BETTER THAN BASHFUL when it comes to the use of livebait to tempt big walleyes. I use a straightforward system that relies on large, lively chubs presented below tip-ups to tempt big fish. Big wall­eyes are finely tuned feeding machines that do their best to fill their bellies quickly, which is why they find it hard to resist a big chub. Retro system? Yes, but it works, especially when you fine tune the process.