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We work with strategic partners to provide invaluable outdoor industry insight and access to effective marketing channels to build your brand and improve your bottom line.
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Promote your product or service on Focus Outdoors TV through sponsor opportunities, billboard credits, entry credits, commercials or custom solutions to meet your goals.
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Showcase your products and services with our dedicated professionals on our TV programming, social media, corporate outings and guide trips.
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Gain access to discounted rates with Midwest Hunting and Fishing Magazine, the insiders guide to hunting and fishing in the Dakotas and Upper Midwest.
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Secure prominent logo placement on vehicles, ATVs and gear used for fishing tournaments, within TV programming and at strategically selected tradeshows.
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We engage audiences with informative, entertaining TV programming and online content showcasing cutting-edge techniques, tactics and equipment.

a strategic partnership

We can provide you with valuable insight and access to industry experts and our partnering businesses serving hunters and anglers throughout the region. These businesses have played an integral role in improving brand awareness and driving product sales for outdoor companies across the country.

Founded in 2001, Focus Outdoors TV produces award-winning entertaining, educational outdoor TV programming. Its shows have been a staple on the likes of The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel and The Pursuit Channel. With a focus on the Upper Midwest Market, Focus Outdoors TV is rapidly expanding its geographic footprint through strategic relationships with cable providers and estimates a reach of nearly two million homes by the end of the year. Focus Outdoors TV is an integral element providing all video content for Focused Outdoor Promotions. All videos produced are also readily available to our partners for use as they best see fit.

EyeTime Adventures is lead by Focused Outdoors Promotions partner, Dennis Foster, and exemplifies his passion for the outdoors. The business began as part of Foster’s foray as a pro on the Professional Walleye Tour in back in 2002. His success has given him access to a number of product sponsors and opened the opportunity to lead guided fishing trips throughout South Dakota. The business seeks to grow interest in the sport through the development of a number of children’s fishing events and the formation of the Northern Lake Oahe Walleye Series.

Based out of Mellette, South Dakota, Dakota Pheasant Guide has created strategic partnerships with land owners throughout South Dakota to give hunters from all over the country the hunt of a lifetime on self-guided and fully-guided pheasant and deer hunts. Each parcel of hunting property is held to strict standards of maintaining an ideal habitat for game. Deer hunts are strictly limited to ensure hunters enjoy the opportunity to bring home an impressive buck and stories for a lifetime. Regardless if you’re hunting pheasant or deer, you can expect a top-notch experience through Dakota Pheasant Guide.

Based out of Foreston, Minnesota, Midwest Gundog Kennels is one of the longest tenured gun dog facilities in the Midwest. Owner, Tom Poorker, has trained dogs to titles in AKC hunt tests and pointing dog field trials, NASTRA, NAVHDA and several hunting titles.

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Our programming gives you access to outdoor enthusiasts across the country. We’ve created strategic partnerships with content distributors so your message or product has the potential to be seen in millions of homes.

The coverage area with Focus Outdoors TV includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, portions of Kansas as well as the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie. We are aggressively expanding our coverage areas and total households by partnering with additional cable providers.

Our partnership with Outdoor Action provides national access to over 100,000 new and unique visitors.  Focused Outdoor Promotions content will now be available on demand via direct streaming 24/7 using ROKU Channel, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire. Nationwide viewing is also available on all mobile devices with the iOS app or the Android app.



We specialize in product consultation, testing and development as well as the inherent marketing and promotional responsibilities involved with new products. This is accomplished through a number of means including assistance with marketing plans, establishing strategic alliances, exposure in regionally and nationally published articles, dedicated social media campaigns, television exposure, personal appearances at seminars and children’s events, viability in professional walleye tournaments, and hands-on demonstration while guiding both hunting and fishing clients.

We do not take task of product development and promotion lightly and provide our partners with tangible results. Our expertise has earned us the honor of being an integral resource to increase sales for all of our Sponsoring Partners. Glimpse the caliber of the companies we represent by reviewing our product sponsors below. If you are interested in seeing what we can do for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us to begin an informal discussion.



Based out of Aberdeen, this design agency has savvy marketers and talented designers who manage everything from brand design to website development to video production.


The insiders’ guide to hunting and fishing in the Midwest. Advertisers access avid outdoorsmen through its printed magazine distribution and digital platform.

Northern Oahe
Walleye Series

A full tournament circuit that through dedicated promotion draws more anglers than any other team walleye circuit in the country. This series offers an outstanding opportunity for exposure for our partners.


Southpaw Projects began because of the passion to create and to help others succeed in their passions with services including brand design, marketing strategy, videography and photography.


Peak Productions LLC is a production company that specializes in outdoor videography, photography and social media channel management. They have a passion for capturing the moment.


Territory Outfitter specializes in custom tailored trophy big game hunts in Arizona and New Mexico. Owner, Brian Curtis also produces a self-filmed hunting online series called Territory.


Tom Gruenwald
HT Enterprises


Dennis Foster is a passionate guide and seasoned tournament angler who has enjoyed years of productive multi-species hunting and fishing experiences across a broad range of the Midwest, with his primary area of expertise centered solidly on his home region, the Dakotas. Through his countless hours spent in the field, on the water and the ice, Dennis has gained tremendous knowledge – knowledge he is not only willing, but wants to share, making him a valuable resource to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking to learn more.

Andrew Johnson
Outdoor Forum

Fully Embracing outdoor lifestyle

Dennis Foster and Focused Outdoor Promotions don’t simply talk about the outdoor lifestyle — they live, breathe and fully embrace it on a daily basis. They’re not afraid of doing the work, and that translates well to the blue-collar sportsmen and women who call the Midwest home. Simply stated, their passion for the outdoors and work ethic lend immediate credibility to not only the strategies and tactics they employ, but also the gear they use to get the job done.

Jayme Akin
Redfield, SD

An Invaluable Volunteer

On behalf of Redfield, SD I would like to extend a big thank you to Focus Outdoor Promotions for volunteering in all aspects of Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the first Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota. The economic importance and pivotal role hunting plays in our state’s communities in was a consistent theme Dennis and team communicated during the celebration. The day was truly a success in large part to Focus Outdoor Promotions involvement.

Brent Kemnitz
Mobridge Tourism Committee
Board Member

Instrumental in a Tournament Series

Dennis has been instrumental in the development and execution of the Northern Oahe Tournament Series. He diligently promotes the tournament and every community involved in the series. His passion for promoting the hunting and fishing industries is represented by the high regard he has for his supporting partners. He understands and is vocal about improving the outdoor experience through quality equipment provided by them.

Andrew Johnson
Outdoor Forum

Who You Know

It’s often said it’s not what you know, but who you know. And maybe that’s the best thing about working with Focused Outdoor Promotions, as the knowledge and knack they have for all things outdoors – the “what” – combined with relationships they’ve forged over the years – the “who” – gives their clients the best of both worlds. At a personal level, Dennis and Focused Outdoor Promotions have not only opened doors for my career, but pushed me through them toward even more opportunities.

Bill Waeckerle
South Dakota Walleye Classic
Current Board Member & Past President


Focused Outdoor Promotions and Dennis Foster have provided excellent exposure to the great outdoor recreational opportunities for the town of Akaska, SD and throughout the entire northern Lake Oahe region.The South Dakota Walleye Classic and Akaska has benefited greatly from the media outlets cultivated by Focused Outdoor Promotions.



Foster arrived on the scene as a touring pro on the Professional Walleye Tour in 2002 and has never looked back. Through EyeTime Adventures he promotes the sport of fishing being heavily involved in the development of tournaments such as the Northern Oahe Walleye Series as well as children’s events, when schedules allow, he also guides a select group of clients. Additionally, he operates a successful hunting guide service, Dakota Pheasant Guide, which specializes in deer and pheasant hunts in South Dakota. Dennis is well known for his prolific writing of entertaining and educational articles. He has been published in several national as well as every regional outdoor magazine and website.


Poorker brings a variety of hunting experience to the table and specializes in gun dogs. He’s the owner of Midwest Gundog Kennels where he has gained a national reputation training numerous breeds of dogs to titles in AKC hunt tests, field trials, NASTRA, NAVHDA and several hunting titles. Tom also founded Focus Outdoors TV which produces educational, entertaining outdoor shows for cable networks in the region. He’s also a radio personality, seminar speaker, a published author, and has guided waterfowl, ruffed grouse and upland birds throughout the Midwest.


01 Jul: Tough Time Walley Rigging | In-fisherman Magazine

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve solved the walleye location puzzle, but are struggling to get them to bite. Might be postspawn fish on a point or shoreline break. Fish refuse standard presentations and even favorite rigging wrinkles. But there they are on sonar.

01 Jan: Early Season Perch | In-Fisherman Magazine

Perch location during early season is dependent on where they’re going to spawn. A few primary patters are prevalent in most lakes and reservoirs. Perch run into marshes and sloughs often connected to the main lake via narrow tubes areas, or through a tube area into a shallower, darker lake connected to a clearer one. These areas can be as narrow as a culvert or a bridge area.


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