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I gain immense personal satisfaction working on Promotional Activities for the benefit of the Outdoor Industry. The outdoor recreational sports for the most part can be described as stagnant, and if the businesses involved are to continue survive and thrive; renewed efforts are needed by everyone involved to make hunting, fishing, and the outdoor lifestyle a larger part of households across the country. We not only need to strengthen our ties to folks who already participate; but to recruit new enthusiasts, particularly youngsters. Without dedicated effort and zeal, we will continue see a decline in not only participants, but in industry sales and obviously…profits. The end result will be less innovation and new product development resulting in even lower levels of interest amongst even the most fervent outdoors people.

To this end: I have become heavily involved in conducting Children’s Events across the country while at Professional Walleye Tournament’s, Sportman’s Clubs, and Outdoor Shows.  This is but a small step and more commitment is needed from those who are fortunate enough to earn their living from the great outdoors.  Whether it is Manufacturers, Retailers, Tournament Participants, Outdoor Writers, TV Personalities, etc.-we all owe it to the Sport and the Hunting and Fishing public.

I have also been trying to touch as many people as I can through my Writing Efforts and Radio and TV Appearances. My focus is more on Education than Entertainment and therefore improving the success rate and ultimate enjoyment of Outdoors People.  Thus, greater satisfaction, increased participation, sales and continued innovation result. Please check out the blog to learn more.

I partner with a few select companies that I believe strongly in on a Sponsorship Basis to promote their products and ultimately increase sales. I do not take this task lightly and am diligent in providing them with tangible results. This is accomplished through a number of means that include but are not limited to: Helping with Marketing Plans and Strategic Alliances, Tasteful exposure in Regionally and Nationally Published Articles, Television and Radio Presence, Personal Appearances including Seminars and Children’s Events, Highly Visible Presence in Professional Walleye Tournaments, and Hands on Demonstration while Guiding.

If you are interested in seeing what I can do for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact me and begin an informal discussion. If you would like references I would encourage you to contact any of my current Sponsors proudly listed below.

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