05 May: New Goodies

Many of our thoughts are now turning to the Open Water Season. This means reviewing our Tackle and Equipment needs.

There hasn’t been anything particularly noteworthy in the Terminal Tackle department for sometime. Maybe a new twist here and there and some flashy new colors; that in general do a better job of getting us to open our wallets then they do a fish opening their mouths. Nonetheless, it is still great fun acquiring the newest offerings. After all, any true fisherman is just a kid at heart.

01 May: Terminal Tackle for Livebait Rigging

In last month’s article, I outlined some basic guidelines for selecting a good rod and reel combination for live bait rigging Walleye’s. I will now get down to the business end of things and give you some options concerning terminal tackle. While I am sure you may be partial to what you’re currently using, if you will keep an open mind, I would like to share some of my ideas with you.