19 Jan: Product Review | FSDV20DT Fish Scout Double Vision

Fish Scout Double Vision with FL20 Tri-Beam IceDucer with DTD (depth, tempatgure and direction) is the ultimate fishing tool that has everything you’ll need to DOUBLE your fishing success. By blending the Fish Scout Camera system with the FL20 three-color Flasher, you have created the ultimate fishing machine.

02 Jul: Creative Crawler Rigging

Crawlers and walleyes go together like cookies and milk, but rigging a worm right isn’t as intuitive as you might guess. What you’ve been doing with crawlers may be timeless and proven, maybe a spinner harness on a bottom bouncer or as part of a trolling spread. Or maybe you prefer nose-hooking a fat crawler behind a slipsinker and letting it dance across complex structure. How about a Slow Death Hook and half a crawler.