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Tournament Fishing

Guiding, Writing Educational Articles, Television-Outdoor Show-Seminar Appearances, and Product Promotion continue to take up the majority of my time. I nonetheless continue to be as active as possible on the Professional Tournament scene. High level tournaments along with the entire fishing industry are undergoing some major changes, growing pains, and a re-adjustment period.

This being said, I will participate in as many quality Tournaments as my schedule will allow. Cabela’s National Walleye Tour will be a major focus for this season. I will also be fishing all 6 events of The Northern Oahe Walleye Circuit (which was my concept from inception and I am heavily involved in promoting) along with some of the more notable Regional Tournaments. I have thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to the positive aspects of Tournaments that receive so little exposure. Namely, being on the cutting edge of new techniques and concepts to better oneself as not only a competitive angler, but as an angler in general and ultimately a communicator of this knowledge in an effort to make others the best they can be.

There is simply no such thing as “Too much knowledge.” It also gives me the opportunity to try new theories as to both locational and presentational patterns-based on the vastly different conditions and seasonal periods each Tournament location offers. I absolutely will not just go out and do what the majority of Tournament Pros are doing on a daily basis. I am a dedicated non- conformist and constantly strive to approach catching fish from new angles. There is no better way to test how well these ideas work than by comparing the results to extremely skilled hardcore anglers who will do most anything to win.

The experience gained and lessons learned are invaluable aids in my own personal learning process. Absolutely nothing can replace this If you are just “fishing for fun”, it is difficult to gauge your level of success with each new concept or experiment. In the end it makes me not only a Angler, but also a better Writer, Guide, Educator, and Product Promoter as I can share new ideas and insight to my Readers, Viewers, Clients, and Sponsors. Hopefully, this will help to generate more excitement, raise awareness, and further the sport I love as a whole.

My Tournament experience includes not just competing but also at times managing to win and place well in a number of Tournament Circuits over the years. These include but are not limited to: Cabela’s National Walleye Tour, The Professional Walleye Trail, MWC, WWA, Team Walleye, Pro Team Walleye, Grand National Walleye Cup, Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit, The Fishing Crew Team Tournament Trail, and numerous notable Regional Tournaments.
I have earned and attained a reputation among Tournament Anglers as a consistent and ethical competitor as is evidenced by my being named Professional Angler of the Year on the The Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit.

Over the years, I have conducted dozens Children’s Events while Touring the Circuits. This has provided me with an absolutely great opportunity to showcase the sport I love as well as the Sponsors I partner with, while generating much needed excitement and fostering interest in the area Youth.