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Fishing Tournament Pro

My tournament resume includes first place and other top place finishes from a number of Team Circuits. While my current tournament schedule isn’t as rigorous, I still try to fish as many regional events as possible.

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Hunting & Fishing Guide

Whether your interest is Walleye, Perch, Bass, Northerns or anything else, we can create a South Dakota fishing package for a trip of a lifetime. Pheasant hunts are also available in ND and SD through Dakota Pheasant Guide.

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Product Promoter

In the years I’ve spent on the tournament circuit I’ve used a number of brands of boats, ice houses, lures, rods and other gear and have developed high expectations for those products – see which brands make the grade.

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Professional Writer

I’ve written numerous outdoor articles that span topics from top walleye locations to gear and tackle reviews to pheasant hunting. You’ll find my articles in local publications as well as regional publications like Walleye Insider.

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2015 Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon With IRS

The 2015 Rubicon is efficient on the job, and a blast when the workday is finished. Whether your in the field, on the ice or up the hillside, nothing’s holding this Honda back from premier performance on your outdoor excursion.

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St. Croix Eyecon® Rods

Rod Icon St. Croix …Adds to the Eyecon® Line

Iconic brands always seek to improve upon what they have. It is the hallmark of a great company. St. Croix’s dedicated product development team recognized a need driven by a change in fisheries and techniques employed to catch their favorite quarry. New additions to the wildly successful Eyecon® series of rods illustrate their commitment to answer the specialized needs of the angling community.

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Rod Select 360

The Rod Select 360 not only keeps rods neat and organized but also ensures they’re always at the ready no matter the conditions.  Tournament tested on the nastiest waters in America, Rod Select 360 outperforms whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

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Focus Outdoors with Dennis Foster

Whether it’s fishing or hunting, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a guest on Focus Outdoors productions numerous times. Focus Outdoors provides outdoor television that’s entertaining, informative and most importantly, educational. It seeks to show viewers the importance of conservation and preserving our hunting and fishing heritage.

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Our Pioneer side-by-sides help you get the most out of every riding experience. From our 500-class all the way to our 1000s, you’ll find smart design, reliable performance, standard-setting technology and unmatched quality. We’re proud to have these vehicles carry the Honda badge. Look around here and you’ll see why.
Honda Pioneer 700

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