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Focus Outdoors TV was launched in 2001 to showcase the excitement of various outdoor activities while also promoting ethical hunting, fishing and conservation practices. Our mission is generating content that proves both entertaining and informative.  We put great emphasis on an educational aspect as we are continually learning from the best folks afield while using the most innovative and effective equipment.  This is what we strive to pass along to the viewers of Focus Outdoors TV and readers of our published articles and social media posts.

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Over the years, we have broadcasted our innovative programming on The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel, The Pursuit Channel, and numerous cable networks in the region. Although our broadcasting efforts remain focused on the upper Midwest, we are also pursuing additional streaming options with the goal of continually expanding our range of influence. Our shows focus on topics of unique interest throughout the region including new areas as well as localized hunting tactics, and fishing techniques. Our quality programming benefits the audience and our industry partners that help make the fun possible.


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Our programming gives industry partners access to outdoor enthusiasts across the country. We’ve created strategic partnerships with content distributors so your message or product has the potential to reach millions of viewers.


Focus Outdoors TV is currently being broadcasted through local channels and networks in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, portions of Kansas as well as the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie. We are aggressively expanding our coverage areas and total households by partnering with additional broadcast providers.

Broadcast Partners:

  • Venture Communications – On-demand viewing
  • BEK Communications – Averaging seven airings per week on all distribution channels
  • Midco Sports Network – On-demand and frequent outdoor programming blocks,
    • Sundays at 12:30pm, Mondays at 4:30pm
  • MCTV Ohio – Averaging seven airings per week
    • Mon 2:30 pm, Tues 7:00 pm, Thurs 2:00 pm, Fri 2:30 pm & 9:30 pm, Sat 6:30 am & 7:00 pm
  • Buckeye Cable System Network – Averaging 21 airings per week in Lake Erie, Toledo, Snadusky and Huron – airing on BCSN, BCSN 2 & BCSNE
    • BCSN Toledo: 8 SD & 608 HD
    • BCSN 2 Toledo: 108 SD & 609 HD
    • BCSN E Sandusky/Erie: 7 SD & 643 HD
  • Arvig Communications (North and South)
    • Monday 2:30 pm, Wednesday 3:30 pm, Friday 5:30 pm


Our partnership with Outdoor Action TV gives outdoor enthusiasts access to Focus Outdoors TV on their preferred streaming device. Industry partners benefit from a considerably expanded reach that promotes the incredible fishing and hunting opportunities our area has to offer.

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We show you the places to go and things to know – the Pheasant Centennial, Black Hills Turkey, Fishing Lake Erie and more.

A Word from the Hunting Experts

Meet Our Pro Staff

These are the skilled and dedicated outdoorsmen who make up the Focus Outdoors TV team. They capture the beautiful outdoor footage seen on our show and bring an abundance of expertise on hunting, fishing, ethics and conservation.

Team Tom

Tom Poorker


Poorker brings a variety of hunting experience to the table and specializes in gun dogs. He’s the owner of Midwest Gundog Kennels where he trains dogs to achieve titles in AKC hunt tests, field trials, NASTRA, NAVHDA, and several hunting titles. Tom also founded Focus Outdoors TV which produces educational, entertaining outdoor shows with a strong regional and national presence. In addition, he is a seminar speaker, radio personality and a published author. In the Fall, he guides waterfowl, ruffed grouse and upland bird hunts throughout the Midwest.

Team Dennis

Dennis Foster


Foster arrived on the scene as a touring pro on the Professional Walleye Tour in 2002 and has never looked back. Through EyeTime Adventures he promotes the sport of fishing being heavily involved in the development of tournaments such as the Northern Oahe Walleye Series as well as children’s events. When schedules allow, he also guides a select group of clients. Additionally, he operates a successful hunting guide service, Dakota Pheasant Guide, which specializes in deer and pheasant hunts in South Dakota. Dennis is well known for his prolific writing of entertaining and educational articles. He has been published in several national as well as every regional outdoor magazine and website.


Jeremy Lawson

Pro Staff

Jeremy owns and operates Any Good Reason Kennels in Southeast Minnesota. He adheres to the strictest of breeding standards to produce only the best pointing dog. The dogs' welfare, health, happiness and socialization are the top priorities. Besides breeding top of the line English Setters and German Shorthaired Pointers, Jeremy runs a boarding facility. He and his wife Amy, train for obedience, rally, agility, therapy, tracking, sledding, carting, service dog training and field work. Jeremy attends numerous dog events each year, including the Rochester MN Sport Show, Game Fair, Pheasant Fest and the Rochester Feed and County Store Expo. 

Team Mark

Mark Halsup

Pro Staff
Andrewjohnson Crop

Andrew Johnson

Pro Staff

Andrew is the editor of Outdoor Forum and a frequent contributor to Pheasants Forever Journal, Gun Digest, Meat Eater, Realtree, Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine and more. A native son of South Dakota, he fell in love with the outdoors on his first pheasant hunt almost three decades ago and hasn't looked back. Andrew is a staunch supporter of conservation and sustaining the outdoor heritage, and he uses his combined skills as an editor, story-teller, photographer and graphic artist to share his passion with others. More importantly, he loves nothing more than spending a day on the water or in the field with his teen-aged kids, and he looks forward to the day when it's their turn to take the old man fishing.

Brian Curtis 120

Brian Curtis

Pro Staff

Brian Curtis is an architect by trade but his true passion is for hunting and the outdoors. Brian has spent more than 20 years hunting a hunting a variety of big game in the Southwestern part of the country. Brian's hunts can be seen online on his self-filmed hunting series called: Territory. If you'd like to experience a similar hunt, Brian's business, Territory Outfitters specializes in the pursuit of trophy big game hunts throughout Arizona and New Mexico. Brian is also the creator of line of apparel catering to outdoor enthusiasts.

Tanner Cherney 120

Tanner Cherney

Pro Staff

Tanner Cherney is the owner of Peak Productions LLC , a production company that specializes in outdoor videography, photography and social media channel management.  He has had a camera in his hand since he was a young kid, filming his family’s hunting and fishing adventures across the Midwest. Tanner has a keen eye and passion for capturing the moment – whether it’s the stalk of an elk in Big Horn mountains, the thrill of finding a limit upland game hunting or capturing a successful day on the water fishing.

alex 120x120

Alex Worley

Pro Staff

Alex has always had a strong love for the outdoors. Growing up on a small family farm near Conde, South Dakota, he spent every available moment outdoors pursuing his passion to hunt and fish. This quickly grew into a distinct preference for pursuing waterfowl. He enjoys every aspect of it. Not just the shooting, but the entire process of what it takes to consistently be on birds. Planning, scouting, and the camaraderie amongst hunters are relished. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he finds it extremely rewarding to witness the excitement of others as they reap the bounty of his guiding efforts, particularly young and novice hunters.

cody 120x120

Cody Lefforge

Pro Staff

Cody’s initial introduction to waterfowl was through his father and quite literally in their backyard. Having grown up next to a large, permanent, and always duck-filled slough bordering the quaint village of Mansfield, South Dakota. Cody found himself tagging along in the duck boat with his dad, chasing puddle ducks from an early age. He then took a more serious dive into the sport when he connected with a close friend and now guiding partner, Alex during honker hunts in high school. He possesses an affinity for sharing his hard-earned experience and insight with others as they consistently bring in the birds. 

rusting bio pic

Rustin Hansen

Pro Staff

Rustin Hansen is being raised in an ideal area in which to pursue his passions of hunting, fishing and trapping.  The Hansen family farm is near Frankfort, SD.  In Spink County with Redfield as the County Seat and widely known as the Pheasant Capital of the World.  Directly to the east is the famous for fish, Glacial Lakes Region.  This gives Rustin ample opportunities to chase roosters with his lab, Sarge or tempt walleyes, northern pike and perch with an ever-growing variety of techniques.  His tallies of fish, fur and fowl speak for themselves.  All at the advanced age of 13…soon to be 14.

His enthusiasm for participating in outdoor activities is infectious.  Even more inspiring is his willingness to do the work and perfect the skills needed to be consistently successful.  He takes this same attitude and quest for success into all scholastic sports.  This has earned him a starting spot on our Pro Staff and we look forward to encouraging and documenting Rustin’s burgeoning career.  He will be a part of the Guide Team at Dakota Pheasant Guide and will play an increasingly larger role with Focus Outdoors TV.    

image001 7

Chris Kuduk

Pro Staff

Chris Kuduk was born and raised in Brooklyn Center, MN tagging along with his father to the nearby Mississippi River from the first days he could wield a rod. By 1978, he had earned his Coast Guard Captains License and the position of full-time launch captain and small boat guide out of West Shore Resort. 

The infectious passion for consistently putting his guide clients on fish, his generous nature in sharing information on fish locations and timely tactics soon gained him a reputation as the go to guy in the area. National notoriety was to soon follow as he is regularly featured on Radio, TV and Articles. 

Eventually leading to his highly successful radio show - Outdoor Adventures -  based out of Minneapolis and to a National audience via iHeart Radio. The culmination of recognition, most importantly by his peers, was to come in 2011 when he was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.    


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