AirWave Boat Seat Pedestal

AirWave boat seat pedestal.

Our AirWave™ Pedestal is the best and most innovative adjustable shock dissipating boat seat in the marine industry. The ability to adjust the air pressure proves its competent performance, making it the superior boat seat pedestal on the market.

AirWave™ Pedestal has been created to benefit those who struggle with and those who proactively attempt to prevent back and spine fatigue and decrease whole body vibration. The greatest advantage of our adjustable AirWave™ boat seat is when properly adjusted to the rider, there is a major reduction in bounce and pitch, giving you more control of your watercraft. The superior ride and comfort of AirWave™ Pedestal will “Make a Great Day Better“.

The adjustable AirWave™ boat seat pedestal features 304-316 stainless steel and high-strength aluminum, protected by an anodized finish creating a robust corrosion resistant product; designed to deliver an unparalleled comfort ride on rough water or rugged terrain. Compact, weighing only 10 lbs, AirWave™ Pedestal adapts to most 9″circular boat seat pedestals with no special tools, simply remove and replace.

AirWave™ Pedestal uses 2 ported adjustable air chambers created within its suspension enabling you to find and fine-tune your personal comfort setting with the simple use of a hand pump. Finding your personal comfort setting also provides a unique double progressive dampening effect upon compression, suiting the rider’s weight in different water conditions.

ABYC H-31 Marine Seating Standard

Our AirWave™ Pedestal is engineered and tested for safety, durability and reliable operation. Our components exceed the stringent requirements recommended by American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) for static load, lateral, vertical and horizontal impact. Read more about AirWave™ boat seat story.

What makes AirWave™ Pedestal the Best in the Industry

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Patented Technology
  • ABYC H-31 Compliant
  • Truly “Air Ride” Pneumatic – Nothing comparable in the industry
  • Robust, Durable, Dependable
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Adjustable comfort setting to the rider’s weight with the simple use of a hand pump
  • Lightweight and compact… Only 10 lbs
  • Reduces back and spine fatigue
  • Decreases whole body vibration
  • Not only for the marine industry, AirWave™ Pedestal is an application for many industries

Multi-Purpose Seat Applications

Uniquely, this patented technology is not only designed for the marine industry. AirWave™ Pedestal has a broad range of applications from lakes to inland including marine, industrial, lawn care, excavating, medical, military, ATV and more.

AirWave Boat Seat Pedestal