Take the fear out of choosing your new boat


In this article I will be conveying some of what I have gleaned over the years as it pertains to making one of (if not) the most significant of your outdoor investments. That being selecting the very best fishing boat to fit your personal needs and wants. Hopefully what I share makes picking out your dream boat just a little less stressful. After all, this should be a fun experience with anticipation building as you look over all the available makes, models and motors.

Choosing Your New Boat Wisely

A new boat purchase is a major commitment in not just money, but even more importantly, your precious leisure time. As most of us do not have near enough of either, picking the perfect ride is of utmost importance. Do your homework, enjoy the journey and choose well my friends.

Dennis Foster is a prolific outdoor communicator, guide, and tournament fisherman. He welcomes input. Questions and comments can be sent via either of his websites. www.eyetimepromotions.com or www.dakotapheasantguide.com.