Get a Kid Off the Couch

Here in the Dakota’s, most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the Outdoors in one form or another.  It is this Rural Tradition that keeps many of us here permanently, despite some Economic and Meteorological conditions that people in other parts of the Country might find less than appealing.  There are many who are envious of what we can experience any time we wish to.  This is evidenced by the ever growing number of Big City folks who cross our borders to Hunt, Fish, Snowmobile, Sight See, etc., etc.

All of us owe this Heritage to an Adult who took the time to introduce us to it.  Through their generosity and patience, a love for the Great Outdoors was instilled.  For me, it has become a year round passion that continues to grow to this day.  For others it may be a favorite seasonal pursuit.  Regardless, for those of us who treasure the Outdoors, we all owe a debt of gratitude to them for igniting the spark that will burn for a lifetime.

The activities they exposed us to and the subsequent memories are priceless.  I am firmly convinced that these experiences make up in large part, the Adults we have become today.  Take a moment and reflect.  If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that our lives would be vastly different without the influence of these mentors.  There is a lot more than techniques and skills being learned in the field.  Whether intended or not, it turned out to have a lot more to do with teaching the values that will lead us through the rest of our lives.

Unfortunately, I see less of an emphasis being put on getting the Kid’s out than in the past.  I realize we can all come up with a myriad of excuses.  Too busy, too expensive, too cold, too hot, always too something.  Keep making excuses and it will be too late. 

Instead of rushing right out to buy the newest game that serves as a Video Baby Sitter for you and an Electronic Fix for an already overly lethargic kid.  Maybe you should get them a coat and go outside.

I’ll give you the perfect opportunity and an invitation.  The Scatterwood Lake Restoration Committee will be holding their Annual Ice Fishing Derby on January, 7th from 8:00 till 4:00.  If you have the equipment, you can make this an outing for yourself and the Children you take.  (Grab the neighbor kid)   All paid entrants are eligible for the $1,000 that will be given away at the Awards Banquet.   If you are lacking equipment or experience, no problem, I can help you with that as well.

I will be holding a Children’s Division of the Derby.  There is no entry fee required.  All the holes will be drilled.  Equipment and Bait is provided as well as warming houses and snacks.  Myself and others will be on hand to provide instruction and assistance.  This is meant to be a learning experience for the Children and Adults alike.

Due to the kindness of Fishing Industry and Local Sponsors there will be a gift bag filled with numerous prizes for each child attending.  Feel free to show up and leave when you like.  Kid’s fishing as Paid Contestants, can stop by and grab a bag as well.  For those who stay until the end, there will be a Drawing for Larger Prizes.  The youngster fortunate enough to pull in the Largest Fish will have their Trophy mounted by The Taxidermy Man, Bill Klager, free of charge.

Hope to see you there.