Not an Impostor

One of the distinct benefits of being an outdoor writer and involved in the fishing side of the industry, is being exposed to a lot of the latest lure and gear offerings. I’m fortunate to be called on to field test and evaluate prototypes before they’re available to the angling public. Reputable lure manufacturers take the time and expense to go through this process so as to put an effective product in the consumers hands…right out of the gait. While most of as anglers are a curious breed-myself included-and will buy most  anything new once; if it turns out to be gimmicky and doesn’t produce, it leaves a bad taste in our mouth’s and we tend to avoid broadening our horizons.
This is where truthful and conscientious endorsements are of a great help to recreational anglers. Most folks simply do not have the time to sort through all of the B.S. to arrive at what actually works. Nor due many possess the patience-let alone the budget-to
accumulate an ever growing mass of useless trinkets. What ends up happening is, the average Joe is reluctant to try fresh things and becomes stuck in a rut with only a few basic lures and methods he is comfortable using. This is truly unfortunate, as there are ever evolving tools and techniques that can help us to catch fish in more situations and under varying conditions.
Narrowing your selection of outdoor reading down to educational based articles will help with this as well. The Billy and I really nailed ‘em one day on Wonder Lake pieces do nothing to help you learn. I personally, specifically want to know the what, when, where, and how of the author and Billy’s banner day. More of a self help thing to assist you in making your own outings successful, rather than a second hand accounting of someone else’s.
With all of the above in mind, I do endorse and promote the use of certain products, but limit it to highly regarded manufacturers I have experience with. As we are entering another ice fishing season, it would be timely to pass along a new lure that based on initial research and use, has an awful lot of potential. It’s the Impostor Minnow, USA made right in Minnesota by JB Lures. I had the opportunity to put it through its paces last winter and it’s now commercially available. With long time staples such as the Gemn- Eye, Weasel, and most recently the Holie Angel; JB has added another winner to their lineup.
The lure would fall in a lightweight spoon category and because it is shaped like a fish, it is in effect, out of balance and being incongruent, it will catch the water a bit differently each time it is lifted…and in particular when it falls. Thus tumbling down slowly and enticingly- but most importantly, unpredictably. Closely imitating the dying kicks a baitfish gives off as it falls to the bottom.
This will cause our target fish to rush the lure, opening its’ mouth widely and flaring gills so as to create the most amount of suction in order to engulf the bait. Much better scenario than a more predictable straight up and down motion, as they often wait until it settles and then “pick” at it, greatly reducing hookups. Two sizes are available 1 1/8” weighing 1/16 oz and 1 ½” weighing 1/8 oz. They also come armed with red treble hooks that can be attached to either end, to change action, if desired. In my mind anyway-this one’s not an impostor-it’s the real deal.