Product Feature: Smile Blade® SpinDrift™ Walleye

Mack’s Lure is pleased to announce new products, which will be available in early 2015. These new products are specifically targeted for catching Walleye. The company is headquartered in Central Washington and their unique products already hold state or national weight records for game fish caught from Oregon to North Carolina and everywhere in between.

The Smile Blade® SpinDrift™ Walleye has been added to the Mack’s Lure arsenal. It features the patented and tournament proven Smile Blade, which comes in almost any color for added attraction. This off-set blade creates a wobble action, even at the slowest of speeds. Added to this lure is the coveted Cha Cha™ pill float, which allows anglers to fish closer to the bottom, enhancing the forage based colors; creating a much more natural presentation. All components of this Walleye magnet are extremely high UV. Matched with the VMC patent pending SpinDrift hook, this heavy gauged steel hook has an integrated swivel-to-hook system with a unique technical bend, which enables a free flowing corkscrew rotation even at ultra slow speeds. The combination gives a distinct slow rolled, wounded bait type action that increases the odds of catching even the most lethargic fish. This lure can be fished with any type of bait.

If you’re looking for a new lure for the 2015 fishing season, look no further. The Smile Blade SpinDrift Walleye comes in an assortment of colors to fit any anglers’ needs. These and many other Mack’s Lure products can be found at