Product Review | FSDV20DT Fish Scout Double Vision

Fish Scout Double Vision with FL20 Tri-Beam IceDucer with DTD (depth, tempatgure and direction) is the ultimate fishing tool that has everything you’ll need to DOUBLE your fishing success.  The Fish Scout Double Vision DT system starts with its digital depth, temperature and directional sensor that give the Camera’s position. The Fish Scout Double Vision DT system uses a 16:9 wide-screen color monitor, 80 foot of cable, a color/black and white camera system that automatically shifts from color to black and white mode in low light conditions.  Your Fish Scout Double Vision system has its own carrying case with two options for over- hole suspension arms and even a battery status indicator.  This system comes with a 9 amp hour, 12 volt battery and a 1 amp hour battery charger.  The FL20 Tri-Beam IceDucer system is the ultimate sonar system.  It has two zoom zones for deep water fishing, a night mode option and special low power mode for shallow water fishing.  The Tri-Beam IceDucer is the world’s first and only three- cone transducer in one housing with 8, 12 and 20 degree cone gives the angler the ultimate in flexibility for any fishing conditions.  By blending the Fish Scout Camera system with the FL20 three-color Flasher, you have created the ultimate fishing machine.


  • 7” 16:9 widescreen LCD color monitor
  • Operating range of -22° F to 150° F
  • Monitor resolution: 480X3 (RGB)X234
  • Video Out option
  • Sony Super HAD CCD color/black and white camera
  • 90 degree viewing angle
  • Cable Length – 80 feet

Video Demonstration

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