Ice Fishing

Walleye lures

16 Jan: Evolution or Revolution? |

If you haven’ been closely following the rapid advancements taking place in modern Ice Fishing, you owe it to yourself to check out just what has been happening. And if you have, you are most likely just as impressed and thankful for it as I am. A couple of words have been bantered around quite a bit concerning the drastic changes we have seen developing over the last 20 years and have continued to grow at an ever increasing pace the last ten years to flat out phenomenal change the last 5 years.

05 May: Skinny Can Mean Fat…

By skinny, I am referring to depth of water. The contradicting term fat, corresponds to the oversized mature fish you will often find in the form of dominant predators, such as Pike, Bass, and Walleye’s-in Northern latitudes. Just enough water to float a fish, will keep them perfectly content-and even more so-when there is a security blanket of ice directly above them.

05 May: Simple and Subtle Equals Success

As we enter the early stages of yet another hardwater (ice) fishing season; many of us with a curious and experimental nature begin to ponder new and improved ways in which to put our intended quarry on the sunny side of the ice. Our thoughts quickly turn to finding a “hot” lure to help us with this quest. Unfortunately, these are truly hard to come by.

05 May: Reel Weeds | Sodak 2010

For Ice Fisherman, once the calendar rolls over to a new year, we begin to enter what most would could consider the mid-ice period of our ice fishing season. Maybe just a little earlier or later, depending upon what part of the country you live in; but nonetheless having a reputation for the fishing becoming a bit tougher than at first ice.

05 May: ReelWeeds | Sodak ’07

It’s official-winter is now upon us. Time to think positive, as the days will start getting longer and best of all we have ice! Deer season is over, the ducks have followed the retired folks south, and you should have shot your fill of pheasants by now. As a sportsman there is but one pursuit to focus on and that is of course, ice fishing.

05 May: Path of Least Resistance

A fact that most of us are aware of-but nonetheless need to reminded of-is that all creatures are by nature opportunistic…and will always take the path of least resistance to whatever they are seeking. There are two overriding biological forces constantly at work
in all animals, including humans.

05 May: Not an Impostor

One of the distinct benefits of being an outdoor writer and involved in the fishing side of the industry, is being exposed to a lot of the latest lure and gear offerings. I’m fortunate to be called on to field test and evaluate prototypes before they’re available to the angling public.

01 May: Lure Selection for Winter Perch

This task, to say the least, can be overwhelming given the choices available. Looking over the vast selection of models, colors, and sizes at most bait shops can cause decision overload. By following a few simple guidelines, you can narrow your search to 3 basic categories and some standard colors.

01 May: Late-Large, and Larger

By this I respectively am referring to Ice, Chubs, and Oversized Predators. Late ice is great ice, this most of us are keenly aware of. And, it goes hand in hand with fishing big chubs for the heftiest fish any body of water has to offer. I generally target walleye’s, but you will also undoubtedly encounter some huge pike as well. This system works equally well for both, just need to beef up your leaders if you target the slimy ones.

01 May: Late Ice equals Large Walleyes

As we near the end of the Hardwater Season, (from late February till Ice Out) we’ve typically experienced: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The good being at first ice when Walleye’s are generally conducive to biting and the results are favorable for numbers, with a few good fish mixed in.

01 May: Late Ice Renewal

As we begin to enter the second half of the hard-water fishing season-and in my mind at least, the better half-we’ve experienced both good and bad. The good part being, we had favorable ice conditions form early on this year, and as is often the case-made for some fine fishing opportunities.