05 May: Dog Day Dilemma

The dilemma many us face during the Dog Days of August and September is whether to expend the time and energy (not to mention the sweat) chasing Walleyes during a period that typically isn’t thought of as conducive to catching large numbers of fish.

05 May: Pre Spawn Reservoir Walleye Location

What I am going to relate to you are some basic guidelines to locating Pre Spawn Walleyes in Reservoirs. I’ll focus on areas that concentrate active and therefore catchable fish. Most of this knowledge was gleaned from fishing the impoundments of the Missouri River, but these rules will easily apply to all types of Reservoirs, regardless of the region they are to be found.

05 May: Pheasants or Fish?

This is a question that those of us in the Dakota’s face each fall. Unfortunately, most of us choose the Pheasants to the point of complete exclusion of the fish. I’m forced to admit that I am also often guilty of this. If we can force ourselves to put down our shotguns for a day or two and risk alienating our trusty hunting dogs, the best fishing of the year often awaits us.

05 May: Not Yet

Please resist the temptation to put the boat away for the season. I realize that hunting season is drawing near; and with everything that goes on this time of year, your boat probably hasn’t seen the water for some time. All the more reason, to take a late season trip. It’s a great excuse, to burn up some of the old fuel before you winterize it.

05 May: New Twist on an Old Spin

Ask any Walleye fisherman about Spinners and they will attest to just how effective they are. Most often coupled with a Bottom Bouncer, this tried and true presentation has probably accounted for more Walleyes than all other options, with the exception of a jig.

05 May: Mother Always Knows Best

Well, it looks as though Old Man Winter may have finally left us alone. And a very grumpy old man he has been. To be honest with you, I’m more than just a little bit sick of both him and Mother Nature. At this point, we should consider retiring them both as they appear to be getting senile and downright nasty a heck of a lot more than is called for.

01 May: Look before you leap…

or perhaps as better adapted to fishing…find before your fish. This may sound oversimplified and about as basic as it gets, but as with anything, the basics are always the most important, although most overlooked aspect of any endeavor.

01 May: Lessons Learned

I was recently reminded of why it is so important to draw upon past lessons learned. This was poignantly driven home while I was fishing in a Fishing Crew Team Tournament Trail event on lower Lake Oahe with a partner that due to his incredible shyness and astute aversion of any public attention, shall remain nameless.

01 May: Lay Down Your Guns

Once fall rolls around, most sportsman’s focus turns to hunting. Our hands begin to become more accustomed to the grip of a gun than the handle of a fishing rod. This is easily understood as we become programmed to beginning the annual pursuit of the various game and fowl species we are fortunate to have available.

01 May: Late Season Reservoir Walleyes

Once the calendar rolls around to August and lasting up to Late Fall, many fisherman have an extremely tough time making consistent catches of Walleye in Reservoirs. Most attribute this to high water temperature and come to the conclusion that the fish just won’t bite until it cools down and the water turns over.