True Innovation

I’ve been in the Fishing Game long enough to see plenty of new products with outrageous claims come, and just as quickly go. There seems to be a direct relationship between how absurd the products supposed benefits are and just how useless it actually is in practice.

On the whole, there really hasn’t been anything that could be truly termed “Revolutionary”, for some time. I believe I may have found such an item. It’s The Ultimate Smart Link Lure System.

Just what is this? Simply put, it replaces the split rings used to attach hooks to your lure. When you become hung up you just point your rod at the snag and pull steadily. The Smart Link will release the hook and you get your expensive crankbait back along with the Smart Link, in 100% condition. Snap in a new hook and your back in business in less than a minute, all without the use of any tools. All the while, your other lines continue to work for you. No going back and trying to wrench the offending lure free.

You may be asking yourself; “How does this work?” and “Won’t it also release a large fish?” The answer to the first question is in the material used to construct the Smart Link. It is made entirely of surgical grade nickel titanium, which is flexible, strong, and will spring back to its’ original shape. The reason you can trust it to bring in big fish is the fact that your rod is fighting the fish and not the hook, or your line for that matter. The rods most important role other than helping to deliver line and present your bait is to serve as a shock absorber while fighting fish. With the proper setup, there is absolutely no concern of loosing fish.

I’ve had the opportunity to test this product on the work bench and in Tournament situations and have found it to be nothing short of phenomenal. It comes in two physical sizes and several test ratings. For the Walleye applications I use it in; I have found the large size in a 10 pound rating to be most effective. When trolling, 10 pound is the widely accepted standard. Today many Professional Anglers, myself included, use 10 pound Fireline, which has a 4 pound diameter and a break point much closer to 20 pound. Thus, we have plenty of line strength to open the Smart Link and with the long trolling rods used, assure that there is little pressure on the Fish and the Hook/Smartlink connection.

One of the most exciting aspects is that they have more of an oval than a rounded shape found on traditional split rings. This lets the hooks swing freer, vastly improving the action and vibration of your crankbaits. I would like to offer a tip; Replace the original hooks with a sticky sharp premium hook, such as Gamakatsu’s Extra Wide Gap in red. The added action and contrasting color can make even a mundane bait, literally come alive.

The product is a bit spendy at around $1.50 apiece, but if we weigh the fact that each time they are put to use, we save a $6.00 or $7.00 crankbait, they are easily worth the initial expense. I suggest starting out with lures used in highly snag prone areas. Once you are satisfied, you can convert the rest of your baits.

I have great confidence in this device and encourage you to check it out for yourself. If you have questions, you can contact me or go to to learn more.