Wood is Good

With Labor Day behind us…we can now look forward to some peaceful days on the water as most of the tourist types have expended all of their vacation time, leaving the lake for us fisherman. Just in time too, as we are entering a time period that is well known for exceptional fishing. Opportunities abound and you concentrate on the task at hand in relative solitude.

The weather often proves to be as conducive as the fish are to biting. Blistering heat of summer is no longer a problem and the nippy bite of late fall has yet to descend. Truly makes for a comfortable and relaxing day, while achieving what our intended goal is…boating numerous fish.

A good place to start this quest is on lakes that are ringed with flooded trees and downed timber. Throw in additional features such as weeds or a few rocks and these shallow areas become fish magnets. This is largely due to the fact that everything a fish could want is present: Preferable water temps, cover, and most importantly-multiple food sources. This buffet table comes in the form of various minnow species, juvenile panfish, and invertebrates.

When I’m talking about fishing wood, I’m not just referring to trolling the outside of it or dabbling into the edges. This can work to a lesser degree…but if you want to really get into some untapped virgin fish, you’ll need to go right into the thick of it. Put your trolling motor down and quietly slip back into the heart of the nasty stuff.

“I really don’t want to loose all of my tackle and spend half the day retying,” is a common response. That’s exactly why this pattern can be so good. Few fisherman will even consider going where the highest concentrations of fish are.

There are methods that will allow you to fish heavy wood and still keep the majority of your tackle in your box and not adorning the submerged lumber. Tying off to a tree and employing slip bobbers comes to mind. Simple as it gets, yet an overlooked and highly effective tactic. A more hands on approach would be to pitch large hook gap jigs such a Bait Rigs Oddball, coupled with your favorite plastics. By using 10 pound Fireline, you can straighten the hook enough to retrieve your jig over 90 percent of the time.

If you want to be truly aggressive and contact the highest number of fish-nothing compares to throwing crank baits. Every predator present will jump all over a lure careening off, over, and around stumps and branches. Quick diving models similar to ReefRunner’s Ripshads will help prevent a lot of problems. The nose down profile of this style bait permits the lip to bounce off most obstructions, leaving the hooks free of trouble. While helpful, it is not totally foolproof and you will occasionally hang up. To totally alleviate your fear of losing lures, the use of Ultimate SmartLinks is the answer.

Simply put, they are a titanium slit ring replacement that when snagged, allows you to leave the offending hook behind. Reel your lure back, snap in a new hook and you’re back in business. When the appropriate model is matched to line size, you will not lose a single fish and save yourself countless lures, while confidently fishing where most anglers fear to tread. If you are serious about saving tackle and opening up new possibilities you can learn more by visiting www.ultimateluresaver.com.

After fighting the crowds all summer; renew your enthusiasm and get out and enjoy what can be some of the finest fishing of the year.