Second Half Walleye Tactics

What I relate here has been extracted from years of experience on expansive reservoirs such as those on the Missouri River—most notably Oahe—but applies on any large waterway with long stretches of relatively shallow structure, breaking sharply into deep water. I focus on the second half of the open-water season in most of the walleye belt, once hot weather sets in for good, up until the leaves start to turn.

Ever notice that although you’ve had consistent success on a body of water from ice-out through the Postspawn Period and early summer, success steadily dissipates thereafter? Boat-ramp banter may go something like this, “It’s spotty at best with mostly smaller fish; the dog days are here  and the big ones quit biting.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. Walleyes may actually be biting better, but you haven’t adjusted to not only what they want, but where they are.