Walleye Location

06 May: Wood is Good

With Labor Day behind us…we can now look forward to some peaceful days on the water as most of the tourist types have expended all of their vacation time, leaving the lake for us fisherman. Just in time too, as we are entering a time period that is well known for exceptional fishing. Opportunities abound and you concentrate on the task at hand in relative solitude.

06 May: Warm Weather and Weeds

As we enter the warmest months of the year, fishing tends to become spotty. A lot of people reduce or even eliminate their fishing trips, waiting for cooler weather. They equate warm air temperature with warm water and assume that every fish has moved very deep in search of cooler water.

06 May: Two Choices

Walleye’s and fishing for them in general can prove to be a quandary for most of us, and to greater degrees than I care to admit on many occasions. Unless you are dishonest even by fisherman’s standards, you know this all too well. Find a school of decent sized fish willing to display the proper attitude under the right conditions, with an acceptable presentation…fishing-better yet catching-can be downright easy. But, it is far too long between these glorious days for all of us.

06 May: Tailrace Tactics

Ah, Springtime, Tailraces, and Walleyes. For those of us in the North Country, the first open water opportunity of the year. What a perfect combination of ingredients for a fun and productive outing. The level of your success can be largely determined by your ability to present baits effectively, right up tight to the Dam.

06 May: Spin “Doctoring”

Most of you are more than well aware of the proven fact that spinners work well on walleye’s. Drag them through a respectable amount of fish, and you can reasonably expect positive results. Rigging options are numerous; tradition dictates bottom bouncers for us in the Dakotas, but they work anywhere in the water column and with any delivery system. Inline and Snap weights, Lead Core line, Dispy’s, etc.,

06 May: Smell the Burning Leaves

As outdoorsman we are now in the period of Fall’s great bounty. Most of our Hunting seasons are now or soon to be open. Pheasant Hunting of course being the biggest draw for us and the countless numbers of Foreigners that have discovered our wonderful natural resources.

05 May: Search and Ye Shall Find

If you’ve spent much time fishing during summer; you’ve undoubtedly experienced sporadic catches. Don’t just chalk this up to the Dog Days of Summer and throw in the towel until cooler temperatures prevail.

05 May: Reservoir Reversal

Ever notice how when targeting walleye’s on larger Reservoirs, the action will steadily improve to a fever pitch as early Summer progresses, only to seemingly come to an abrupt stop over the course of just a few days. This is particularly true in Reservoirs that are deep enough to support large forage bases such as Shad, Smelt, and even Herring.

05 May: Reflections on the Dog Day Dilemma

Once the calendar rolls around to August and September, fishing for walleye’s on most bodies of water becomes decidedly tougher. The weather is typically hot, often muggy, and most folks experience sporadic success…often at best. There are a variety of theories and excuses as to why this is-interestingly-most of them hold little water… The common conclusion ends up being; the fish are just not biting.

01 May: Deep Reservoir Walleyes

I am going to relate to you a system for targeting summertime Walleye in water that is unfamiliar to most anglers. These are fish that are found in the depths far from shore and not relating to structure, but to baitfish. In many large western impoundments Smelt are typically the main forage, with a growing emphasis on Shad and Herring.