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16 Jan: Evolution or Revolution? |

If you haven’ been closely following the rapid advancements taking place in modern Ice Fishing, you owe it to yourself to check out just what has been happening. And if you have, you are most likely just as impressed and thankful for it as I am. A couple of words have been bantered around quite a bit concerning the drastic changes we have seen developing over the last 20 years and have continued to grow at an ever increasing pace the last ten years to flat out phenomenal change the last 5 years.

06 May: True Innovation

I’ve been in the Fishing Game long enough to see plenty of new products with outrageous claims come, and just as quickly go. There seems to be a direct relationship between how absurd the products supposed benefits are and just how useless it actually is in practice.

06 May: Tough Choice?

Every year during the Hardwater Season, the most frequent question posed to me is; “Should I spend my money on a Vexilar or an Aqua Vue.” For those of you just entering the Electronic Age of Ice Fishing, this can be a daunting dilemma. I’ll outline some of my thoughts on the subject to help make your decision making process a bit easier. The information may also help those who are looking for a well appreciated gift, fulfilling a need for the avid ice angler in their family.

06 May: Spring Rise

Well, it is now official-Spring has finally broke Winter’s tenacious grip. With the resulting snow melt, water is flowing and collecting everywhere. In many cases, where folks would prefer it didn’t; thus causing considerable damage, and at the very least some major inconveniences.

06 May: Spring Preparations

Although the calendar has indicated Spring for some time; after a couple of false starts- (warm weather followed by unwelcome blizzards)-it looks as though old man winter may be finally loosening his steely cold grip on us. With warming winds, the air filled with the sounds of geese, and robins bouncing around…it looks as though we can officially declare Spring’s arrival.

05 May: Rub a Dub Chub

A large, lively chub is by far, my favorite of all live-bait options for Walleyes. It’s true, big bait does equal big fish. If they were readily available during the summer months, and easier to keep alive: I can guarantee you that my boat would never leave the trailer without them.

05 May: Quality Electronics Aid Search

In a previous column, I tried to emphasize just how vital it is to “hunt” fish with the assistance of high quality electronics. Notice I do not use the word depth finder, as what we have available today is so much more. In reality, the top shelf units are truly multifunctional units…offering sophisticated and highly sensitive sonar, combined with amazingly accurate GPS capabilities, overlaid on detailed background maps.

05 May: New Goodies

Many of our thoughts are now turning to the Open Water Season. This means reviewing our Tackle and Equipment needs.

There hasn’t been anything particularly noteworthy in the Terminal Tackle department for sometime. Maybe a new twist here and there and some flashy new colors; that in general do a better job of getting us to open our wallets then they do a fish opening their mouths. Nonetheless, it is still great fun acquiring the newest offerings. After all, any true fisherman is just a kid at heart.

01 May: Terminal Tackle for Livebait Rigging

In last month’s article, I outlined some basic guidelines for selecting a good rod and reel combination for live bait rigging Walleye’s. I will now get down to the business end of things and give you some options concerning terminal tackle. While I am sure you may be partial to what you’re currently using, if you will keep an open mind, I would like to share some of my ideas with you.